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Intercard X CSML Partner With The Experts

Intercard and CSML collaborate to enhance amusement center efficiency with a robust cashless system, ensuring seamless operation, data security and personalized solutions supported by local experts.

Intercard Business Benefits

Intercard's cashless technology empowers our amusement business partners to potentially boost sales by up to 30%, enhance marketing initiatives, and reduce operating costs. Our bespoke cloud-based systems are adaptable to facilities of any size, ranging from single venues to sprawling networks of up to a hundred locations. What distinguishes Intercard is its in-house development of both hardware and software, further supported by 24/7 live service and global support.

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Live Customer Service

Always available, 24/7

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Cost Effective

Boasting the lowest total cost of ownership

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State Of The Art Security

Operating with zero-fault tolerance

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Offering the longest warranty

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Constructing all hardware & software in-house


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iReader Eclipse


iReader Eclipse


Experience innovation with the iReader Eclipse, featuring an oversized color display and programmable LEDs for customization. Enjoy real-time guest photo or avatar displays and run business or promotional advertisements on the screen. The large display enhances the gaming experience, making it a visually engaging addition to your entertainment center.

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The iWave takes gaming to the next level with NFC compatibility, allowing phone usage for playing. Its oversized color display ensures an immersive gaming experience, while flashing LEDs differentiate video games from redemption games. Real-time guest photo or avatar displays, tap and pay functionality, and support for business or promotional advertisements make iWave a comprehensive gaming solution.

CSML and Intercard Bringing the Triple Crown in Arcade Excellence

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Cutting Edge Software

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iCashier Station

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