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SoftPlay Fun For Your Little Ones

While creating Softplay arenas, our commitment lies in creating magical spaces where children can explore, play, and have fun, with the guarantee that every aspect of the play area is designed with safety as the top priority.

CSML SoftPlay Area:
Where Safety Meets Adventure

At CSML, we take pride in our commitment to crafting innovative and safe-themed fun parks, providing children with the perfect environment to embark on thrilling adventures. Our parks are meticulously built and installed, adhering strictly to the latest safety standards and collaborating with leading manufacturers and brands globally.

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Exciting Attractions for Unforgettable Experiences

CSML's SoftPlay areas are masterpieces set to thrill, featuring captivating colors and attention-grabbing attractions. From interactive projection slides to giant ball pits and rotating octopuses, our parks promise a delightful and memorable experience for children and their friends. Parents can relax as their kids explore junior and toddler areas filled with engaging features.


Diverse Range of SoftPlay Areas

Our SoftPlay areas include Motion Soft Play and Sculpture SoftPlay. The Motion Soft Play offers inflatable water slides, flying rings, merry-go-cycles, and more, providing a safe yet thrilling experience. The Sculpture SoftPlay, themed around jungle, deep ocean, and garden, features soft-sculpted foam play centers that bring joy and durability.


High-Quality Products and Excellent Service

CSML Amusement is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and excellent service. Whether for a Family Entertainment Center, museum, fitness club, or restaurant, we possess the expertise and equipment to create a fun and safe play environment for children. Contact us today to transform your space into a haven of adventure and joy.


One-Stop Budget-Friendly Service

We offer a comprehensive one-stop, budget-friendly service. From concept to creation, CSML has been providing the perfect space for families to bond in a safe environment, even in limited space and budget, for more than two decades. Trust us to turn your space into a haven of joy and adventure, ensuring unforgettable moments for children of all ages.