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Get Racing With Go-Karting

Infuse a burst of excitement into your center with the thrilling world of Go Karting with CSML and Sodikart! A source of joy for all age groups, enhance your facility's charm with high-quality rental karts and advanced software and hardware. This winning combination ensures a perfect balance of safety and entertainment, elevating the overall experience for your visitors.

Speed into Excitement with Go Karting

Prepare for the exhilaration of go-karting—an adventure tailored for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels! Thoughtful investments in precision-designed tracks, high-quality karts, and rigorous safety measures guarantee an unmatched experience for customers. In an exclusive partnership with CSML, SODIKART, a global leader in karting, has firmly established its presence in India, securing a significant role in the entertainment scene. Go-karting delivers a thrilling experience that harmonizes excitement, competition, and sheer enjoyment. Perfect for corporate events and parties, it seamlessly blends fun with friendly competition, offering an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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SODIKART, a global karting powerhouse, has firmly established its dominance in India through an exclusive partnership with CSML. As the key player in every facet of the karting experience, SODIKART stands out nationally. Renowned for innovative leadership marked by daring strategies and patented innovations, the brand not only thrives globally but also holds a strong financial position in the karting market across five continents.

CSML plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless distribution of SODIKART, ushering in a new era of karting excellence in India.



Professional grade Rental Karts for Unmatched Performance

Gas Karts





Electric Karts





Timing Software

RaceFacer, distributed by CSML, serves as crucial go-kart timing software and a social network for karting, enhancing the overall experience at leisure go-karting tracks. Its importance stems from several reasons, making it an essential component for enthusiasts and track operators alike.

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Ensures races are safe for both experienced and inexperienced drivers.

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Performance Monitoring

Helps drivers track and improve lap times for self-improvement and friendly competition.

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Challenges & Competitions

Allows exciting challenges like fastest lap times, time trials, or endurance races.

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Provides valuable insights on driving skills, aiding skill enhancement and confidence building.

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Spectator Engagement

Displays real-time race results, creating an engaging experience for spectators.

Timing Hardware

Creating a safe and thrilling go-karting experience relies on strategic investments in high-quality hardware, establishing an environment that prioritizes safety and enhances enjoyment:

Essential Components

Invest in Quality Hardware:

Choose reputable providers like RaceFacer, MYLAPS, CHRONOLABS, and RACE RESULTS

Essential Components

Enhanced Protection and Safety Measures:

Installing cutting-edge kart control devices, Kart safety systems for efficient race management, track safety signal lights for clear communication, and durable barriers for added protection.

Essential Components

Promote a Secure Environment:

By prioritizing top-notch hardware, karting tracks establish a secure and enjoyable racing atmosphere, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.

Safety Barriers

FIA Approved Guardians

CSML introduces FIA approved Go Kart Safety Barriers, crafted with precision to redefine safety standards in go-karting.