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Redefining Amusement With
Bowling Brilliance

CSML is the exclusive distributor of Brunswick Bowling in India and the SAARC region. Over the last 25 years, they have jointly set industry standards. Their diverse product range simplifies entertainment center setup with customizable bowling alleys.

Diverse Bowling Experiences for Every Venue

Essential Components

Traditional Full-Length Bowling

Experience the classic allure of traditional full-length bowling, a game that transcends generations and brings people together. The growing demand for having memorable experiences has led to the rise in the need for events like bowling, making it a profitable business opportunity

Essential Components

Duckpin Social

Duckpin Social is the cutting-edge amenity that brings the thrill of bowling to compact spaces with lanes that can be installed in as little as 31’ length and 11’6” width for a pair of lanes. Perfect for social clubs, bars, restaurants, condominiums, private homes, corporate spaces, resorts, and hotels. Duckpin Social utilizes smaller-sized balls without finger holes, offering players up to three rolls per frame. Easier and more accessible than traditional bowling, Duckpin Social appeals to all ages, fuels F&B sales, prolongs guest stays, fosters return visits, and nurtures guest loyalty. Experience the allure of Duckpin Social and redefine your entertainment landscape.

SYNC® Scoring System – The world’s
fastest-selling bowling scoring system

It’s all in SYNC®

Brunswick's SYNC® Center Operations is the industry's top-scoring and management system. This cloud-based technology automates marketing, offers powerful management tools and enhances the guest experience. Since its 2015 release, Brunswick has remained committed to improving operations and profitability while addressing challenges.


SYNC® Prima™

Experience the pinnacle of center operating software with SYNC® Prima™ from Brunswick. This cutting-edge solution offers unparalleled scoring capabilities, incorporating advanced mobile and self-service technologies. Elevate customer experiences with enhanced service features that provide convenience, personalization, and the peace of mind your patron demands. Stay ahead in the industry with SYNC® Prima™, setting new standards for excellence


SYNC® Scoring Consoles High-tech, Long lasting hardware

Revolutionize your bowling center experience with SYNC® Scoring Consoles. Available in sleek Black and Titanium, these state-of-the-art tablets or keypads seamlessly integrate with the Brunswick Cloud, ensuring effortless software updates and delivering an enhanced, modern interface for bowlers. Stay at the forefront of innovation and elevate your bowling center with SYNC®.

SPARK® Immersive Bowling

Light it Up with SPARK®!

SPARK® is the future of bowling. It surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes. It seamlessly integrates advanced technology into the bowling experience. Combining projection mapping and sophisticated software, this innovative system transforms lanes into dynamic, immersive playgrounds. SPARK® responds with stunning visuals and effects as your bowling ball glides down the lane. These captivating features make SPARK® the perfect choice for families, professionals, millennials, and anyone seeking an unforgettable and tech-enhanced bowling adventure.


Anvilane Glow in Dark

Colorful Lanes

Transform Lanes

Ultimate Lanes

Essential Components

Anvilane Glow in Dark

The long-lasting value of Brunswick Anvilane lanes lies in their resilient 3/8” (0.95 cm) thick panels and they come with a 5-year limited warranty against delamination. Whether you prefer non-glow or USBC-approved options, Anvilane ensures consistent, high-quality performance with every roll


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The Brunswick GS NXT redefines pinsetters, optimizing guest experiences, reducing labor demands, and minimizing ownership costs. This cutting-edge free-fall pinsetter adapts to evolving business needs, building on the GS Series advantages for unparalleled peace of mind. Features include easy maintenance, reduced noise, consistent scoring, 29% greater energy efficiency on three-phase power, and Future-Proof-Technology with 360 controllers for real-time control and Sync® integration. Upgrade your bowling center with the efficient and future-ready Brunswick GS NXT.

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The Brunswick Boost ST stands out as an advanced string pinsetter, setting new standards in performance and safety within the bowling industry. It holds the distinction of being the sole cloud-enabled string pinsetter, emphasizing bowler experience, USBC certification, and adaptability. The innovative 360 Controller ensures compatibility and boasts a commercial-grade build, effectively cutting costs without compromising performance. The pinsetter is designed to reduce both labor and operating expenses, while prioritizing industry certifications for heightened safety. With the 360 Controller at its core, the Boost ST guarantees a seamless plug-and-play experience with any system. Notably, it significantly diminishes energy consumption by over 70% when compared to traditional freefall pinsetters, making it a top choice for those seeking premium features and optimal efficiency in bowling operations.

Accessories To Elevate Your Center Success

Lane Accessories

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Center Stage Subway Ball Return

Brunswick introduces the industry-first high-pressure laminate hoods, providing a modern and clean design with durable components. The new reset button location and hand dryers enhance the functionality, while the racks accommodate 12 balls with optional under-rack storage.

Masking Units

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Landscape Masking Units

Discover a lasting impact with our Landscape Masking Units, designed for longevity with impeccable color retention. Elevate your Cosmic Bowling experience with a superior glow effect, creating a captivating ambiance. We've enhanced the print quality with higher resolution, offering a vivid and detailed visual experience. Available in both 6’ and 10’ sizes, our Landscape Masking Units come in various designs to suit the unique style of your bowling center.

Essential Components

Center Stage Furniture

Our modular bowling furniture presents a comprehensive range designed to enhance your center's aesthetics, convenience, flexibility and durability. It is fully customizable to ensure comfort and meet the demands of high-use settings. Furthermore, it includes a valuable 10-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.

Spares and Consumables

Bowling Balls

Bowling Pins

Bowling Shoes

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House Ball

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Elevate the energy in your bowling environment with Brunswick's House Ball. Its bright and glow-in-the-dark design injects excitement and color, creating a vibrant atmosphere that enhances the overall experience for your guests.

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Billiard Ball

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Make a stylish statement with the full-sized Billiard Ball from Brunswick. This option not only enhances your center's appearance but also adds a fun twist to the game. Combining aesthetic appeal with entertainment value, the Billiard Ball is a sophisticated choice for a dynamic bowling experience.

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Flash Ball

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Light up your center with the Flash House Ball, designed to bring an extra element of fun and excitement to bowling. Perfect for special events, parties, and VIP Lanes, this illuminated ball adds a dynamic glow, creating a memorable and thrilling bowling experience.

Lane Maintenance

Lane Cleaner
Control Lane Conditioner
Approach Mop
Lane Maintenance Applicator
Brunswick Lane Maid
Precision Gutter and Capping Mops
Ball Ramp
Universal Pin Cleaner
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Lane Cleaner

Crafted as a potent, surfactant-driven, concentrated cleaner, this solution is specifically formulated for swift and highly effective removal of modern lane conditioners. It excels in tackling newer formulations containing high viscosity oils and advanced performance additive packages

Lane Oiling Machine

Essential Components

Phoenix® LT4 Lane Machine

Designed for bowling centers with 16 lanes or fewer, Phoenix® LT4 Lane Machine streamlines the lane maintenance process, efficiently performing cleaning, oiling and buffing in a single pass. Equipped with the latest technology, it ensures easy operation and hassle-free maintenance.

Essential Components

Max Lane Machine

As the world's first cloud-enabled lane machine, Max Lane Machine offers advanced technology, including the patented Direct+ Conditioning system and Wi-Fi capabilities for real-time updates. The Brunswick Cloud simplifies equipment management for SYNC scoring customers.