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The Future At Your Edge With Intercard Mobile App Collection

Welcome to The Edge, where innovation converges with entertainment. Elevate your arcade or gaming center with Intercard's state-of-the-art Mobile App Collection designed to transform your operations.

Unlock New Heights of Efficiency with Intercard

Essential Components

iWallet App

Discover a new level of convenience with our iWallet App. Guests can effortlessly conduct transactions using Apple Pay and Google Pay, turning their smartphones into virtual wallets. Dive into the endless possibilities by downloading our iWallet Brochure.

Essential Components

iService App

Simplify game management with our iService App, whether you operate one location or multiple. This app enables remote handling of maintenance tasks, from taking a game out of service to tracking repair information. All updates are automatically synchronized on the server and in the cloud, ensuring seamless operations.

Essential Components

Inventory App

Seize control of your redemption inventory with our Inventory App. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this app empowers your staff to effortlessly manage inventory. Streamline inventory management by scanning UPC codes on merchandise, reducing labor costs, and eliminating errors.