Mission Begin Again : How to restart your Arcade Center post Covid 19

  • 25 May 2020

After months of lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic, the world is limping back to normal. It will be sometime before the crippled economy gets back to full strength and for this industries & all economic activities have to restart, slowly, steadily and with utmost safety. Along with other sectors, Amusement & Arcade Games have also been impacted due to the lockdown. As we inch toward reopening here are a few actionables for the safety of your team members and customers.

Each Amusement Centre should have its own set of protocols strictly adhering to the guidelines set out by the Government. It is essential that the customer feels safe & comfortable. Here are a few recommendations :
1) Clean & disinfect the entire centre before reopening
2)Set a strict schedule for cleaning/sanitising high-touch areas
3)High touch areas, door handles, floors & surfaces should be cleaned frequently
4)Use a reservation system with fixed time entry & exit
5)Avoid crowding by staggering entry times
6)Remove a couple of arcade games to increase space to enable social distancing
7)Place sanitisers at strategic places
8)Request customers to wash hands/sanitise before playing
9)Customers, Team Members should wear masks at all time
10)Wearing gloves could be encouraged for customers and made compulsory for team members
11)Hang posters giving safety protocol do’s & dont’s
12)Start an online marketing campaign highlighting the safety measures undertaken and expectations from the customers
We hope all our partners will find the above recommendation useful and include these along with the government guidelines. It is important we all follow all protocols for our own safety and others too


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