Looking to Invest in Big Bucks? Invest in something that is year-round and caters to all the age groups – Including Millennials. With a can’t miss business case, enduring customer appeal – plus a whole lot of fun, find out why Investors like you should pick Family Entertainment opportunities as the best business.



With the Amusement, Leisure and Adventure Industry being relatively new in India and just 2 decades old, the industry is currently at a growing stage with more & more developments happening in this industry all across the country.

CSML helps you realise the potential of your location and maximise your investment by helping you objectively select the games, that will generate the highest return. Our experience and study using location-based data analytics helps us understand how each game performs in the Indoor Amusement Center (IAC).


Indoor Amusement Centers (IAC) are designed to provide entertainment in the form of bowling and other avenues such as arcades, laser tag, go-karts, bumper cars, and party rooms in addition to the venues found at traditional centers. Investing in an Indoor Amusement Center (IAC), is an ideal situation for any investor, as it can easily provide a Return on Investment in less than 4 Years, with an operating cash flow of up to 40%. The business model is set in a way where the performance is resistant to a down economy. Amusement Centers or Arcade Zones are a cash-based business, with low inventory and no receivables. It typically outperforms other retail businesses during bad economic times. This allows the Amusement Center to generate a dependable revenue stream all year long, delivering a great return on the investment. Hence, making it a proven place of attraction.


A location for Social Gatherings and Group Activities, Bowling, Arcade and Adventure makes a great business opportunity perfectly positioning you to profit from the global trends. Companies looking for venues and activities for their corporate events and millennials seeking experiences over goods, Amusement Centers are the perfect fit. With high margin and low fixed & variable costs, Amusement Center’s revenue quickly flows to the bottom line giving you an operating leverage. Both, a 6-year-old and a 60-year-old can enjoy all the activities in the given Entertainment Mix.
CSML, being the Industry Leader, helps you by taking care of the complete Turnkey Solutions for new Amusement & Adventure Projects, ensuring the right design and the right fit for you, being executed in the right way. From Planning, Objective Game Selection, Supply & Logistics, Installation, Training and Post Opening Services. CSML assures you of providing solutions that can deliver optimal entertainment, anywhere in India & SAARC Region.


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