Just as Brunswick and Bowling are synonymous, so is CSML to Brunswick Bowling in India & SAARC Region.

The rise of Bowling is directly corelated to the rise of Brunswick. Since its inception, Brunswick and Bowling shared the same vision. Brunswick has maintained a tradition of introducing game-changing innovations. Perfecting the equipment, has allowed Brunswick to contribute to ingenuity that no other manufacturer can offer. Intelligence, functionality and overall value is what Brunswick prides itself on, and it is seen in each and every piece of the Bowling Equipment.

Brunswick has ensured its reach around the globe by establishing a state-of-the-art facility focusing on research and development in Muskegon, Michigan, and a manufacturing plant in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, for its Pinsetter.

CSML’s association with Brunswick Bowling Products USA has come a long way being their Exclusive Distributors for India & SAARC Region for the past 16 years. CSML, along with Brunswick Bowling have been the pioneers in setting and promoting the Bowling Industry, Centers & Alley in India & SAARC Region.

This belief & commitment is the reason why CSML is the leader in building new Amusement Centers alongwith setting up bowling centers/alley in india and modernizing existing ones. Today, CSML is India’s premier service provider offering state-of-the-art Products & Services designed to assure success and continued profitability of your centers.


Brunswick, since having introduced its first automatic scoring system has come a long way, reinventing to the most advanced automated pinsetters with the most capable scoring and management system – Sync.

Aimed to provide a top-notch experience for the guests, Sync ensures an increased in-center spending, guest loyalty and return visits, resulting in overall increased profitability. Improving the wait processes, and reservations with automated personalised marketing messages and special offers and streamlining a center’s staff services, Sync is the world’s best point-of-sale (POS) system there is.


The Brunswick Bowling Lanes in India are designed differently from its competitors. The difference in design results in sturdier installations, lower long-term costs, and low maintenance costs


With resilient 0.95cm thick panels, Brunswick Anvilane delivers a 5 Year Limited Warranty against delamination, making it the Solid Value Choice.


As the name suggests, Transform Lanes are Bowling Lanes that function as regular bowling lanes in natural light, but ‘Transforms’ into an exhilarating experience with unique and amazing graphical effects. This set up would be ideal if you want to cater to the professional, as well as casual bowlers.


Keep your bowling lanes running nonstop with the legendary performance and reliability of the latest generation of Brunswick GS Series pinsetters – the undisputed frames-per-stop champion


Brunswick’s years of experience, innovation, and advanced engineering have made the GS-X, industry’s premier pinsetter. While lowering the maintenance, parts and energy costs, the GS – X Pinsetter increases the reliability and performance levels ensuring a quicker return on investment.

String Pinsetter

Providing an alternative for small Amusement Centers, resorts, hotels, bars and residential areas, Brunswick Bowling introduces the StringPin pinsetter. The low-cost alternative enhances the experience of bowling without the added costs of power and maintenance associated with traditional pinsetters.


Frameworx Ball Return

Brunswick’s Frameworx Ball Return is a state-of-the-art system, consisting of a permanently lubricated sealed bearings, for an uninterrupted game play. The Frameworx Ball Return includes space for 12 Bowling Balls (with an option to add more racks), hand dryers to add to the experience of the bowler.

Bankshot Manual Bumper Rails

This value for money feature offers a fulfilling game play for the old and young alike. Ensuring the guest scores at least 1 point at every attempt, is sure to leave the guests to participate more and stay longer. With a strong and long-lasting rail, it offers excellent durability and performance.

Pinball Wizard Automatic Bumper Rails

Brunswick’s Pinball Wizard uses motorized rails that raises or lowers automatically – bowler by bowler – based on the set up initiated by the players at the beginning of a game. The Pinball Wizard Automatic Bumper Rails allows the players for a manual frame-by-frame or even game-by-game, adjusted and controlled from the front desk.

Division & Capping

These high-quality Divisions and Cappings which are available in glow black Inserts, or glow/non-glow graphite, made out of high strength PVC provide an easy access to the ball return tracks without using any tools.

Intellishield Ball Return Guarding System

Brunswick’s patent pending Intellishield design that helps in keeping the guests safe and improve the efficiency of the center, automatically shuts if the ball rack is full or if a foreign object enters the opening.

Lightworx Division    Lighting System

With a combination of several LED lights, patterns and colour sequences, Lightworx is a treat for a Bowler’s experience. Brunswick allows the Lightworx lighting system to synchronise with the displays or music. This combined with the Cosmic Bowling experience results into a spectacular bowling environment.

Lightworx Pin Deck Lighting

Lightworx LED Pin Deck Lighting features multi-coloured lights and dozens of pre-set and custom programs that will take your Cosmic atmosphere to a whole new level. Each fixture contains 252 LED lights that display every colour in the spectrum to bring life to the lanes from frame-to-frame.

Foul-Light Systems

Brunswick’s Tel-e-foul® is an easy to adjust infrared technology which is compatible with all major scoring/lane systems. With built-in diagnostics, these units are spring-mounted to limit vibrations and operate on 100-,115-, or 230-volt power.


Epicenter™ - A product from Brunswick Bowling Products – is an ideal setting for Hotels, Resorts, Bars & Restaurants to differentiate themselves from an Indoor Amusement Center, allowing boost in F&B sales and increasing footfalls. It provides people an inspiration to visit, and an incentive to stay longer while spending money on the collective experience. With spaces that cannot accommodate traditional lanes, Epicenter™ from Brunswick Bowling provides reduced lane lengths and StringPin Pinsetters to give the customers an Authentic Bowling Experience; not mini bowling or an arcade-like-version – but a full-fledged bowling lane which can suit the length requirements, using full sized Bowling Balls and Pins.


Brunswick Bowling Products continues to lead the Bowling industry with cutting-edge innovation with its latest introduction: SPARK.
SPARK is Brunswick’s signature offering for an immersive, augmented reality bowling experience that uses projection mapping technology to project experiences, games, imagery, and realistic environments down on the lane surface. As the ball travels down the lane, Spark tracks and changes the lane in amazing, surprising, and jaw-dropping ways that bring bowlers back time and time again. 
Spark is fully integrated with Sync® Invicta, the latest upgrade to the industry’s leading scoring and management system, turning guests’ favourite Sync games into an interactive augmented reality activity. The energy starts to build at the scoring tablet and flows through the settee area all the way down the lane, to the pins, surrounding the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience. 


Add excitement and colour to the guest’s bowling environment with Brunswick’s bright, glow-in-the-dark house bowling balls.


Bring a fun twist by delighting the bowlers with the stylish billiards bowling ball. These are full sized bowling balls, that enhances the look of a center.


Light up your centre with the new Flash house balls from Brunswick! Perfect for Special events, Parties, and VIP Lanes, the Flash House Ball make bowling more fun and exciting.

Score King Pins – Crown

The ultra-white glow in the dark Brunswick Pins, coated in Surlyn® (The same cover material that coats high quality golf balls), are designed for outstanding resilience, adding to the impact toughness, as well as overall look of the Bowling Lane.

Max Coloured Pins

Bring a new twist on the game by changing the pins, and let the good times roll with these colourful Max Pins. State-of-the-art compression moulding process ensures greater strength & enhance durability. A Three-Layer topcoat system is utilized to protect from dirt, & scratches. 

Value Sport Rental

With the latest style kept intact, the Value Sport shoe is a perfect fit for casual bowling in Indoor Amusement Centers, Office Recreation Spaces and Clubhouses.

Premium Rental

Featuring carefully done sock liners with foam padding, rubber heels, a well channelled stitching, and a genuine full-grain leather uppers and soles, the Brunswick Premium Rental shoes are built to last.


Lane Conditioner

Lane Conditioner

Brunswick offers a low lubricity lane conditioner blended with top-grade oils with an enhanced additive package. This ensures great durability and ball motion on harder, less aggressive surfaces. All of Brunswick’s top Lane conditioners are quantified through extensive Throbot™ testing.

Lane Conditioner

Lane Cleaner

With today’s newer lane machines in mind, Brunswick has formulated a fast-acting Lane Cleaner that is designed to clean even the toughest lane conditioners.

Lane Conditioner

Lane Machine

Designed specifically for centers of 16 Lanes or less, The Phoenix® LT4 is an affordable lane machine that features the latest technology enhancing the machine and making it easy to operate. The Phoenix® LT4 is a machine which cleans, oils and buffs a bowling lane in a single pass.