With the rise in enthusiasm for Adventure globally, activities like Zip Line, Rope Course, Obstacle Course have been gaining interest from Developers, Resort & Mall Owners, Hotels, Theme Parks, Architects for Residential as well as Corporate Parks, each one looking to add a new concept (something unique) to their projects and offerings. In such project developments or offerings, it is important to pick the right design and activity mix that caters to not just the crowd, but also the location. This requires a vital understanding of the Adventure Sports Market along with the design and business planning element which comes with years & years of experience. Who better than your Adventure Specialists?

CSML’s unparalleled level of understanding and knowledge in this niche industry helps us offer you a complete solution along with unique insights of applied practices and the latest concepts of Outdoor Adventure Parks, Indoor Adventure Centers, Climbing Walls, among other things.

With a high-level understanding of the business, CSML helps in bridging the gap between your vision and the various concepts available that can help in increasing footfall and ensure secondary spending, in their extended stay at your location. As Adventure Experts, CSML has taken the business of Adventure to a new level by allowing our clients to easily customise their Amusement Centers in terms of the size, number of elements, the obstacles as per their preference and space availability.

CSML strives to create a unique entertainment mix allowing you to attract people of all age groups as they seek ways to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Safety being our #1 priority, our engineers at CSML work on each project, with the same passion that you would to make your guests smile and keeping them safe.